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Company Overview | Board of Commissioner | Corporate Management
The Discovery Hotel | CSR Activity

At the Discovery Hotels & Resorts, our team compries of professional executives with extensive experience in the hotel management. Our team integrates local and foreign executives who are academically-trained and job-skilled. They will provide full support on managing hospitality-related projects and ensure smooth operation.

Poul E Bitsch Poul E Bitsch
President Director

Received his hotel education in Denmark, USA and Canada and brings with him more than 30 years of experience in the hotel industry. His career development extends to Food & Beverage, Finance and pre-opening project management of various hotels in Europe, United States, Middle East and Asia with reowned companies such as Hilton and Kempinski Hotels.

Drs. Tjetjep Suparman M.Si Drs. Tjetjep Suparman M.Si

Graduated with a Degree from Institute Technology Bandung (ITB) and Master Degree from Indonesia University (UI) with majoring in Communication. Tjetjep brings with him more than 30 years of experience in the Tourism, Art and Communication industry. His career brought him to high level in Indonesia Tourism and Culture department as a Director General before join with Discovery Hotels & Resorts.

Wayan Astawa Wayan Astawa

For over 37 years Wayan Astawa has dedicated himself to the hospitality Industry. He has attained CRDE (Certified Rooms Division Executive) from AHMA – American Hotel & Motel Association; Degree in Management of Tourism Business from STIMI – Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Management Indonesia ‘Handayani’ Bali; as well as Master of Business Administration on Hospitality and Tourism from West Coast Institute of Management & Technology in Perth, Australia. Working his way up, his career extends from Finance, Rooms division and general Hotel Operation to renovation projects.

Ani Susilowati Ani Susilowati

After graduating, Ani Susilowati joined the hotel industry, and has worked her way up over thirty years, including 17 years with the Intercontinental Hotel Group. She has specialized in Food & Beverage and received several awards for special achievements. On several occasions she travelled abroad representing Hotel Borobudur Jakarta. During recent years, she was in charge of special projects for new hotel openings within Discovery Hotels and Resorts.

Lidwina Ong Lidwina Ong

After graduating from the university in Singapore, Lidwina Ong began her career in the airline industry, and later switched to the hospitality industry. During her tenure with the Artha Graha Group, she carried out several projects, including the successful representation of the group at the World Expo in Shanghai. She later also oversaw the purchasing and human resources departments in Hotel Borobudur Jakarta.

Maria Leslie Maria Leslie
Corporate Financial Controller

Prior to join Discovery Hotels & Resorts, she had several successful stints in PT. AstraZeneca, PT. Sysmex Indonesia to her last position as an Admin Director in PT. Rentokil Indonesia.

Drajat Triwidodo Drajat Triwidodo
Corporate Chief Engineer

Prior to join Discovery Hotels & Resorts, he had several successful stints in Marine Superintendent, Grand Metro Equatorial Jakarta, Holiday Inn Resort Lombok, Shangri-La Hotel Surabaya, Hotel Borobudur Jakarta and to his last career as Independent Hotels Engineering Consultant.

Esther Silitonga Esther Silitonga
Corporate Food & Beverage Manager

Esther has 24 years of hospitality industry experience, she had several successful stints in Hyatt Aryaduta, Ciputra Hotel, Sheraton Media Jakarta and to her last position as FB Manager Hotel Borobudur Jakarta.

Anak Agung Ngurah Winawan Anak Agung Ngurah Winawan (Alit)
Corporate Food & Beverage Manager

Prior to joining DHR Bapak Alit had 18 years experiences and several successful stints in chain and local group of Hotels such as Club Med, Bintan Lagoon, The empire Hotel & Country Club Brunai, Accor and his last position as a F&B Manager in Millennium Sirih Hotel Jakarta.

Azizul Verdi Azizul Verdi
Corporate Business Development Manager

Prior to join Discovery Hotels & Resorts, he had several successful stints in Hotel Borobudur Jakarta, Hotel Milenium Jakarta, Hotel Crown Plaza Jakarta, Hotel Aston Group and to his last position as a Director of Sales & Marketing in Hotel Menara Peninsula Jakarta – Indonesia.

Yolla Oktavia Yolla Oktavia
Corporate HR Manager

Prior to join Discovery Hotels & Resorts, she had several successful stints in Jatayu Airlines, PT. Bluesky International Air, PT. Megantara, PT. Skyland Indonesia Consultant, Millennium Hotel Sirih Jakarta, Hard Rock Hotel Bali, The Phoenix Hotel Yogyakarta, Mercure Bali Nusa Dua and to her last position as a Director of Human Resources in Anantara Bali Uluwatu Resort & Spa – Indonesia.

Agus Effendi Agus Effendi
Corporate Sales & Marketing Manager

Effendi serves more than 17 years in Hospitality Industry, and starts his career joined with one of a biggest hospitality management Accor Hospitality and Choice Hotels Indonesia appointed him as Corporate Director of Sales & Marketing. After several year, Bakrieland Hotels & Resort appointed him as Department Head Business Development & Networking Investment. He never stops to learn and challenge in Hospitality until MGM Hospitality entrust him became Corporate GM Sales & Marketing.

Hadian Septiana Hadian Septiana
Corporate eCommerce & Revenue Manager

Hadian brings with him 14 years of experience in the hotel industry, with an ecommerce marketing speciality. Prior to joining the Discovery Hotels and Resorts, he has various experiences in the Sales and Marketing department with international chain hotels such as Sol Melia and Swiss-Belhotel International.

Fransiska Kansil Fransiska Kansil
Corporate Communication & Media Relation

Fika has more than 15 years of hospitality industry experience mainly handling communications and media relation. She had several successful stints in global chain hotels such as Begawan Giri, Pan Pacific and Hyatt. She is a member of Corporate Social Responsibility team of Artha Graha Peduli and Chariman of H3 (Jakarta Hotel Public Relations Association).

Noorlaila Soesanto Noorlaila Soesanto
Corporate Sales Manager

Graduated from Petra Christian University Surabaya and Disney University Florida. Lala has more than 13 years of hospitality industry experience in Indonesia, mainly handling sales. Prior to joining the Discovery Hotels & Resorts, she had various experiences in the sales and marketing department with international chain hotels such as Accor and Swiss-Belhotel International.

Febria Wulandari Febria Wulandari
Corporate Communication & Media Relations Executive

She began her career in educational industry, and she switched her career to hospitality industry. She still earning her master degree in Corporate Communications at The London School of Public Relations-Jakarta. She had successful stints in The London School of Public Relations-Jakarta and Perhimpunan Hubungan Masyarakat Indonesia (Public Relations Association of Indonesia)

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