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ARTHA GRAHA PEDULI VISI AGP: Mewujudkan / membangun kepedulian dalam segala aspek (Sosial, Ekonomi, Budaya, Politik, Keamanan, IT, Pendidikan, Kesehatan dan Lingkungan) To create and develop awareness in all aspects including social, economy, culture, politics, security, IT, education, health and environmental MISI AGP: Melakukan / melaksanakan / menjalankan fungsi “ Tanggung Jawab Sosial Perusahaan “ dengan seluruh unit usaha untuk [...] Read More

Board of Director

At the Discovery Hotels & Resorts, our team compries of professional executives with extensive experience in the hotel management. Our team integrates local and foreign executives who are academically-trained and job-skilled. They will provide full support on managing hospitality-related projects and ensure smooth operation. Drs. Tjetjep Suparman M.Si Commissioner Graduated with a Degree from Institute Technology Bandung (ITB) and Master [...] Read More