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Agropolitan Cipanas

Located Gunung Batu area, Cipanas, Agropolitan is an amazing place for those who love farming. Various vegetables and fruits are grown according the season. The beautiful view of Gede Mountain anda Putri Mountain will enchant your visit. Our other Point of Interest #gw_go_portfolio_phc_pos .gw-gopf-posts-wrap-inner { margin-left:-10px;margin-top:-20px; } #gw_go_portfolio_phc_pos .gw-gopf-filter-opacity .gw-gopf-col-wrap.gw-gopf-disabled { filter:alpha(opacity=30) !important;-ms-filter:"progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.Alpha(Opacity=30)" !important;-khtml-opacity:0.3 !important;-moz-opacity:0.3 !important;opacity:0.3 !important; } #gw_go_portfolio_phc_pos .gw-gopf-post-col [...] Read More

Gantole (Paralayang)

Nearby At-Taawun Mosque Puncak. Bukit Paralayang provides you a beautiful panorama of Puncak hills. You can see anything from height. For you adrenaline challenger, only Rp 700.000, you can try fly as a bird by flying with Paralayang. They also provide the instructor to accompany you in 15 minutes flight. Our other Point of Interest #gw_go_portfolio_phc_pos .gw-gopf-posts-wrap-inner { margin-left:-10px;margin-top:-20px; } [...] Read More

Nusantara Flower Garden

The beauty of diversity of flowering plants that can not be found elsewhere. 25 minutes drive from Palace Hotel Cipanas and 3 hours from Jakarta, Taman Bunga Nusantara (TBN) has many diverse collection of beautiful and fresh flowers, ranging from plants to tropical climate as well as for a cold climate, not even just the interest that comes from Indonesia, [...] Read More

Cibodas Botanical Garden

Cibodas Botanical Garden is the best place for you and your family who wanted a tour of nature. 15 KM from the Cipanas Palace Hotel can be reached during the 20-minute drive will increasingly make your holiday with the family more memorable. Various of unique plants here will increase your and your family insight how rich natural resources of Indonesia. [...] Read More

Cipanas Presidential Palace

Indonesia Histories recorded that President Of Republic Indonesia Has 6 Presidential Palaces. The most popular is Istana Merdeka in Jakarta. Then, in West Java, Indonesia has 2 Presidential Palaces. They are Bogor Presidential Palace and Cipanas Presidential Palace. In Central Java, we also have Agung Palace Yogyakarta, and the last is Tampak Siring Palace, Bali. Cipanas Presidential Palace is built [...] Read More