Discovery Kartika Arcade

Precisely located at the lobby level area, we offer you a complete arcade for your personal use of secretarial room, a boutique to find a variety of great collection of artistry and our team at Discovery Tour Desk would happy to assist you to discover the beauty of Bali by creating impeccable and unforgettable itineraries.
Discovery Kartika Boutique

Captures the sophisticated beauty of Bali with its great collection of artistry .

You can find variety of stylish clothing, jewellery, bags, shoes, and other high quality artworks, like paintings, sculptures, or unique hand-painted batiks as exclusive gifts or collectables.

@Break Business Centre

Offers full secretarial services including photocopying, faxing, computer
terminals with Internet access are also available for your personal use.
Contact our associates for any administration tasks that you may have
to attend during your time in Bali.

Discovery Tour Desk

Offers personal services to help you discover the special beauty and
charm of Bali by creating impeccable and unforgettable itineraries,
so that you may leave feeling well rested, well nourished,
and well cared for.

Our other Facilities