Business Services

Planning and Execution

In the planning and execution of a new project, the Discovery Hotels & Resorts team provides the needed
know-how to guide investors through all phases.

Project Planning
Where a positive investment situation is recognized, a comprehensive investment plan will be prepared, with clearly defined priorities, investment predicaments and allocation of funds.

Project Development
Discovery Hotels & Resorts undertakes the program, planning, financial management and design required to establish a financial viable property, emphasizing on the operational and financial implications, influencing the architecture, interior design and technical installations.

Pre-Opening Development
The planning and execution of a successful hotel project, requires a comprehensive pre-opening plan. The Discovery Hotels & Resorts team is well versed in the aspect of planning, control and administration of pre-opening objectives and systems.

Budget and Financial Management
The financial team of Discovery Hotels & Resorts will provide systems and guidance to enhance
controls and achieve the objectives.

Personnel Recruitment and Management
A dedicated and professional management team is essential for a successful hotel.

Our Human Resources Department will ensure that the recruitment will sustain a balanced team
of professionals.

Sales and Marketing
Discovery Hotels & Resorts operates a diversified portfolio of properties, making us understand the complexity of consume driven sales and marketing. We understand and adjust to any of the marketing – mix elements. Discovery Hotels
& Resorts has proven capable to adapt, adjust to new situations and to foresee new opportunities.

Our electronic reservation system, and on-line marketing, successfully compliments the more traditional ways of sales and marketing.