The central core of Discovery Hotels & Resorts is the successful management of hotels, resorts and serviced residences. Discovery Hotels & Resorts manages properties located in gateway cities as well as secondary cities. Management is objectively geared towards maximising the return on investment, without sacrificing quality or service standards. International standards, combined with local culture are the main components in Discovery Hotels & Resorts managed hotels, resorts and serviced residences. Our top considerations are value for money, utilisation of domestic products and the development of local human capital. Comprehensive operations manuals, policies and procedures and job description are standardised by Discovery Hotels & Resorts for the full implementation in each property. Regular quality assurance audits, marketing plans and preventive maintenance plans are prepared. Regular meetings with owners to build and maintain relationships, assure a vibrant team spirit in order to attain the combined goals for the property.

  • As many of our guests place emphasis on food and beverage offerings. Discovery Hotels & Resorts researches the market for outlets and concepts with the objective to achieve better results than competitive operations. Fresh local produce, seafood and fruits will be the main components of imaginative Indonesian and International menus in attractively decorated surroundings. To compliment the excellent cuisine, the service is always professional and friendly.
  • Depending on the location and the proximity of nearby restaurants and entertainment outlets, the various hotel services are either extended or limited to the minimum concept of one all day dining restaurant with an attractive lounge-bar as the central focus.
  • Wherever possible, Discovery Hotels & Resorts will advise and support the creation of attractive landscaping, with outdoor sports and recreational facilities to ensure the hotel is superior to that of the competitive hotels.
  • Children’s entertainment facilities are key in driving and enhancing our family experiences.