El Padrino Steakhouse
Open 11.30 - 22.30 (Last Order) +62 811 1310 0246 3rd Floor

El Padrino Steakhouse by Andrea Peresthu

Curated Aging Steakhouse by Andrea Peresthu El Padrino’s menu centers around a delightful array of beef steaks, grilled meats, and sliders. The main highlights include delectable options like T-Bone steaks, the savory Txuleton Spanish Tomahawk, the exquisite Jurgen Rosemann Wagyu Schnitzel, and the tantalizing Smoked Wagyu Brisket Sliders. El Padrino also features an enticing selection of Mediterranean Salads, Seafood Pasta, Mac & Cheese Parmigiano. When it comes to beverages, skilled baristas are at hand to prepare a diverse range of drinks, ranging from signature cocktails to specialty coffee by Javanegra.


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